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Our Autumn Term with Miss Rollings (Autumn 2014)

This term has been phenomenal! Our class members in ‘ Ullswater’ have worked their socks off and made terrific progress.

Miss Rollings has felt very privileged to have taught such a caring, supportive, and enthusiastic class. Class members are so caring towards each other, kind, considerate and always ready to celebrate every individual success!


Ullswater class have been very proud of themselves this year! In October they won the attendance for the ½ term. We celebrated with a hot chocolate and delicious cake.


Ola from Ullswater class won the Christmas card competition, this card will be used by Rory Stewart our local M.P, it will be his official card. Our class have been so excited thinking about who might get one!! The mind boggles!! Most class members submitted a design. All of them had been given much thought, there were some fabulous designs.

Our class also entered the Herald writing competition on the theme of ‘If I talked to the animals…..’ We worked hard on up levelling our work, editing and redrafting, then we presented it in attractive folders. The ‘Herald’ came to take our photograph on Tuesday 9th December. We will know if we have won on December 27th. So keep your fingers crossed and buy a Herald!!


Please come and browse around our classroom and school. You will see our work everywhere, the walls are dripping! We have worked on the cross curricular theme of the Stone Age and our work explores this theme. We have poetry, research, persuasive leaflets, books, book reviews, models and stone -age cave art upon the walls. It is everywhere!!!! We love an audience for our writing. We are very proud of it. We also love Maths problems and investigations, these are also on the walls for all to see.


We are especially proud of our reflectiveness and resilience. We have worked hard on improving our work and presenting it to a very high standard. We check all that we have written, reading it through and checking that it makes sense, sounds right and looks right.

As a class we have developed a great resilience with homework. We can all use a homework diary, English is set on a Monday and Maths on a Friday. They come in the next week.   In addition we have spelling, maths and homework. Some of us have begun to take a real risk and be quite adventurous when researching and preparing posters.


Reading is vital to us in Ullswater! We read for pleasure! Some of us sit in the reading tree during reading time and just get lost in a good book. Reading buddies from Elterwater and Rydal water often come and support us with our reading. In January we look forward to ‘Read for My School’ and the exciting eBooks . We will all be timetabled for the computer room!! We also look forward to Monday assemblies and the Wordsworth Bookshop reads. Jon and Andrea always send us fantastic books!

Our class love a philosophical discussion, we always question the answer! We respect others views and opinions. We are collaborative, caring, critical and creative thinkers!


We have ended the term making Pilgrimage lanterns. Ullswater have thought about Pilgrimage to Jerusalem and how important it is to different religious groups and how vital it is that we are all tolerant and understanding of our similarities and differences.


Ullswater class love their sport and P.E, we are always prepared to try something new and take a risk.  Such a cheerful, friendly class, Ullswater members take care of one another and are such fantastic ambassadors for our school when they represent us.

Mrs Smith will be joining Ullswater in January. She is really looking forward to working with such a friendly, hard working class. Ullswater will be supportive and she will soon think she has always been here!!