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Online Safety: Sharing Our News on Social Media (Mar 2018)

We are proud of our school social media (Facebook and Twitter) and the followers that we have on them.  They continue to be an important, interactive way of keeping our school community informed of what is happening at school.


We continue to post exciting videos and pictures via our School Facebook Page and we ask that when sharing these, please do this via the SHARE button ONLY and avoid tagging or mentioning any individuals by name as this can identify students.  Please also avoid any comments that could also identify any individuals.


Our social media sites are moderated and we will remove posts which identify or compromise the identity of our students.


We do love to hear your comments, while we ask that these be kept to single posts rather than conversations please.  If you can help us with this it would be greatly appreciated and raise awareness with relatives and family members.  Thank you.

Mr Soulsby (Online Safety Lead)