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No Memory Sticks to be used in School (Sept 2016)

E Safety Update – SEPT 2016

Virus Alert - Very important

Crypto Wall Virus - Please be extra careful when opening email attachments from email addresses outside of your school domain, eg and please do not open attachments from Spam folders unless absolutely sure it is trustworthy.


  • Perosnal email accounts must not be checked on any school computer, laptop or device
  • NO MEMORY STICKS ARE TO BE BROUGHT INTO SCHOOL AND USED ON THE SCHOOL SYSTEM - Visitors to school who usually use memory sticks – until we know there is a solution to this virus, we cannot risk anyone bringing in this virus to school – it could wipe us out.
  • ALL VISITING TEACHERS & DELIVERERS & LIN COURSE PROVIDERS need to bring in their own laptop as it does not connect directly to our network.  Your device will need to be logged in our device log and you will need to read an sign our school Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).  If this is not possible please speak to our admin team or the person who is your main contact  at least 3 days prior to your session.