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Netball Competition (Oct 2014)

On Friday 24th of October our school took two netball teams. We were very excited.  We were the purple team and we also had a blue  team. On the purple team we had some great defending from Charlotte, Ellie and Lucy and some great shooters Callum, Lewis and Abby, but over all we did a great job in all the positions. We won all of our matches (we even won one 11-0)! The blue team also did extremely well with a variety of winning , losing and drawing. Excellent team work was showed between Chloe and Rachel, skillful passing from Leah, Abbie and Rhian and some amazing shooting from Layla.


We played 7 matches against 7 teams. After a brilliant tournament it was time for the final result … blue team came 5th that was brilliant as they were just put together at the last minute but purple team came first! That means we are through to another round at Kirkby Stephen grammar school. Keep it up!


by Charlotte and Abby, Y6