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Mr Shearer UCC Book Assembly (March 2014)

Mr Shearer a teacher /rock star from UCC came to North Lakes on Monday 31st March. He led a fantastic assembly on the theme of ‘Books.’ He discussed why and how everyone likes books!


Books are made into films, ideas from books are used to make DVD games and lyrics to songs are sometimes inspired by books. It is sometimes the case that books are inspired by lyrics. It really made us think about books.

We love our books at North Lakes. Mr Shearer showed us the exciting project at UCC ‘Branching Out. ‘ Students are encouraged to design new front covers and review them. Prizes are awarded for the best work. This year prizes include a Kindle, tickets for a day out and an opportunity to meet famous actors! Most inspiring!


Some were so inspired by the assembly that they immediately put pen to paper to express their thoughts.