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The principal focus of mathematics through primary education is to provide children with a secure and sound base of mathematical skills, knowledge and understanding. The overarching aims of the national curriculum programme of study are to develop fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills across all strands of mathematics – from fractional thinking through to shape and space, measure, statistics and pure calculation. 


In North Lakes School we follow the DfE approved Mathematics scheme of work, “Maths No Problem” (MNP) which applies the mastery principles to learning mathematics. Children are supported through a variety of practical approaches, technologies and manipulatives that help learners to make mathematical connections. This encourages children to develop a deeper and sustainable understanding of mathematics that they are then able to apply to the world around them. 


Lessons take place daily and are bespoke to individual year groups. As part of these lessons, time is also given for children to develop number fluency. All children are carefully tracked in their individual learning and progress is monitored using the MNP Insights data software. Termly targets are set in all classes and a range of interventions are offered along the way to keep learners on track and engaged in their learning.


Subject Leader:  Mrs L Greenwood
Updated September 2023