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Maths of the Day Spring Update (Mar 2018)

North Lakes School have taken up combining Maths with PE and the children are loving it!  Windermere Maths Class enjoyed a lesson with Mrs. Greenwood where they learned different hand and body gestures to represent the digits 1-9.   They ran around the trim trail, stopping at intervals and reciting the three times table again.  Since then, they have completed different Active Maths lessons linked to the current topic.  Recently,  they practised their standing jumps and measured the distances jumped; this linked to their measurement topic.  They then created an A1 sized bar chart, linking to their previous topic of statistics. 


Coniston have used Maths of The Day to cover topics such as addition and subtraction, and perimeter.  The children have been keen to practise these lessons and have benefited greatly from learning through physical activities.


By Miss Cheesebrough