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Major Maths - Y7 Ready (Apr 2017)

Recently a group of lucky Year 6 pupils got the opportunity to work with a tutor from Ullswater Community College (Mr Howarth) on Monday mornings and some with Mr March from Queen Elizabeth School (QEGs) over a Tuesday lunchtime. We  explored and reasoned with numbers in a little more depth. This is what is called Maths Mastery. 


Our group (Katie M, Niall, Ben E, Ben M, Thomas R, Mollie, Carly, Lucy, Jack, Keelie, Robert R, Alfie, Matuesz and Sonny A) were very intrigued to begin this further revision to help prepare for our journey to secondary school this coming September. We covered many different skills including: pie charts, fractions, ratio, and proportion in only a few weeks.


Here are some of our thoughts:-

“I enjoyed it when we covered pie charts because I worked hard to finally achieve my goal!”  - Thomas R

“The short maths games were started each session with were as they tested my brain.”  - Mollie H

“I really enjoyed playing pointless as it is an easy maths game to understand yet it really challenge our maths brain!”  - Niall E


Everyone was soon engaged in the lessons and learnt many new and exciting methods. Using our powerful learning, we pushed through this tough work and left each session with our heads up high; brains buzzing full of new information! Thank you Mr Howarth, we look forward to working with you again in September!

by Katie M & Lucy B Y6