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Lowther Visits (July 2012)

This half term, Buttermere, Ullswater and Coniston classes have visited the River Lowther river and Lowther Castle grounds as part of a local environment topic. 

To begin our learning Becky Helm, who works for Eden Rivers Trust, visited school and taught us all about the path of the River Eden and many facts about it, including key words and about the creatures that live in and around the river. 

Next we visited the River Lowther with Becky, and she helped us to sketch the river, using a special key. We measured the flow of the river by timing a ping pong ball while it travelled five metres. 

We also used a net to catch and identify creatures in the river, and we found all kinds of river life, including crayfish, leeches, baby salmon, river snails and cased caddis flies. We also visted newly opened Lowther Castle, to explore the grounds. We worked with Joseph Jackson and Anja Phoenix on different activities. 

We built shelters and tested how waterproof they were, we searched for clues as nature detectives and collected and we identified mini beasts, then we toured the grounds of the castle, learning about its history and visiting the Heronry. 

The whole day was very enjoyable and we learned a lot. (Even if we did get SOAKED!)

I liked the trip it was fun. I fell in the river, it was cold. By Sophie M

I liked it most when I got wet and I liked den building. By Khy T

I liked the den building because when the water was tipped over us we didn’t get wet. We made our den out of twigs and a waterproof cover. By Anya P

I liked the den building and going to the river and getting wet and cold By Tom B