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Lego Workshop (March 2015)

On Monday 16th March, Years 3, 4 and 5 were excited to have the opportunity to put their science skills to good use in a Lego workshop. The purpose of the session was to help them understand the practical use of electrical circuits, which they have been learning about in their science lessons this term.


They were set the challenge of creating their very own building, using some of the thousands of Lego blocks our workshop leader Steven brought along.


We had a fantastic mix of buildings created, from bungalows to sky scrapers, hotel complexes with swimming pools to modern style building with balconies and garages with Lego cars.  The children then could design their gardens, flower beds, woodlands and even some rockeries were added! Finally, they applied their learning from this term and made a circuit to light their buildings.


The houses were all put together to create their very own Lego city. The children were really excited to bring their design skills, love of Lego and science skills together and fascinated to see the finished projects.  During the sessions, they showed excellent teamwork and problem solving skills, working with friends to build their creations and helping others with creating more complex parallel circuits.