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Learning with School Council (Autumn 2010)

This term School Council have been very busy on two exciting projects, exploring how we like to learn, and planning for some unusual new toilets! In November we made a short film asking our classes to think about how we could make our learning in school even better.
We thought about the timetable, the space we use, the resources we have, the people we learn with and the things we learn about. With nearly 150 ideas to sort out, the School Council came up with a short list of 8 big ideas, including using more ICT, learning with our friends or with other teachers, and learning outdoors more.
These ideas are being used to help us to plan for our Creative Partnerships Change School Project in the Spring, when we will be learning alongside some more specialist artists like last year. It will be fun!
At the same time School Council have been talking to Rod Hughes of 2030 Architects about plans for some new children’s toilets.