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Launching this Autumn - Digital Planners (July 2019)

In the autumn term we will be introducing ‘Digital Planners’.   The Digital Planner is powered by FrogLearn and children access it via our school Frog site.


Teachers will be able to set homework directly to your child’s digital planner.  This will then send a notification directly to your ‘MyFrog’ app so that you know exactly what your child has or needs to do - helping to improve communication.  It may not always be homework – it could be that they need their PE kit, or some boxes or old clothes for an activity for example.   This will hopefully help us become a little greener and will also help you to keep informed. (This will not replace any individual arrangements we have in place for specific pupils).


Parents will need to have the ‘MyFrog’ app downloaded to their mobile device (a new update will be rolled out to this during the summer holidays) – it is available in the App Store and Google Play Store.   


Remember to visit the Parent Portal regularly – keep your details up to date and use our forums.