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Keeping Active @ NLS (Dec 2017)

Once again, this year, we will be taking part in the two county initiatives 100 Mile Challenge and Feet First. The aim is to promote an active and healthy lifestyle through fun and participation. The government recommends all school-aged children take part in an hours’ physical activity each day; thirty minutes of this time needs to be within the school day. We are working hard to promote physical activity during the lunch hour and at playtimes as well as in lessons with active maths sessions and physical learning.  We have purchased a range of equipment for the children to use and promoted some of the older children to be Sports Leaders, demonstrating and encouraging all in activities.


Many thanks to all who have signed up to the feet first scheme. School councillors have been collecting the data and encouraging all to get involved.  Record charts are up in each classroom and all will have received a fun activity book featuring many exciting activities and sharing the benefits of being active on the way to school. The theme of the scheme this year (voted by school children) is dinosaurs.  With many of our children travelling to school by bus, we thought it was important this year to offer a challenge that we all could commit to. Therefore, if you are willing to take part in three laps of the school trim trail one day a week then you too can take part. This week the children will receive their first award for committing to the scheme.


Another scheme launched just in time for the Christmas holidays is the 100 Mile Challenge. Yes, as the title suggests, from now until September 2018, we are asking all children to complete a 100 miles of activity. You can run, walk, scoot, bike, swim or use any other active way of travelling the distance of a mile. Children receive a log card to keep track of their efforts and there are milestones to achieve along the way. So, perhaps you and your family can take up this challenge in the new year? You will need to log on to Frog Learn to record your efforts; you can do this either in school or at home. Tell us about your achievements and you will be rewarded with a milestone certificate in school.