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Introducing Otis (Spring 2014)

A new class mate started in Rydal Water in January, unusually she was only 3 weeks old and the youngest member of North Lakes School. 'Otis' Harmony was welcomed into the class as the class attendance prize for the second half of the Autumn Term, the children named her after the Sing Up mascot as they wanted a name which reflected the things we enjoy in Rydal Water.

She has quite a cheeky character and a fiery temper! One or two of us have fallen victim to her sharp pronged teeth! She is also the fastest hamster around, one blink and she will be away, so never leave the door open! The class are very considerate and she is well looked after, enjoying her weekend luxury breaks to people's houses!

"Having Otis in our class has been such a great experience, and we have become very attached! I know I have - taking her home at the weekend is great and we had such a good time. We have been adding pieces to her 'Den', she now has an extension, she is very mischievous and even got a 1st Red this week for biting Mrs Sewell (She even did her reflection in the hall in her ball!)" (Lainey Y6)