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Hatching Chicks (Summer 2015)

This term as part of the Year 5 Science curriculum, we have investigated the life cycle of many living things. We were lucky enough to source some fertilised eggs from a local farm, which we set in our class incubator. Each day we weighed the eggs and candled them to see the embryo grow inside. After 21 days, we arrived at school to find that one egg had a little crack in its shell.


During our Maths lesson, we watched the crack getting bigger and listened attentively to the little chick pecking its way into the world. The classroom was filled with great anticipation and excitement. By break time, the little chick had hatched out and made an appearance. We were all delighted! By the end of the day, we had welcomed another three little chicks into the world.


Over the past few weeks, we have learned to care for the chicks: feeding them, providing water, heat and fresh bedding. We have watched them peck and scratch their surroundings. We have managed to find them a new home and will be saying goodbye to the three week old chicks at the end of term.