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Harvest Festival (Oct 2019)

At this year’s Harvest festival, the children enjoyed the story of the rich farmer which reminded us all of the importance of sharing. This was accompanied by some of our favourite Harvest songs. At the end of the service, a collection of food and produce was brought to the front of the hall. The tables were overflowing with food, thanks to the generosity of the children and their families.


All the food and goodies collected were given to the Salvation Army at Hunter Lane to help with the wonderful work they do in our community. The two Majors, Carole and Alan Donaldson, were able to join us and tell the children about some of the work they do within the community in and around Penrith. This includes providing meals for those in need, with food parcels throughout the year, and even a Christmas dinner. They are always willing to help many of our families and friends when the need arises. Many of our children go to Kids Alive which is a Youth Club that they run from 6-7.30pm every Friday evening.


Thank you to the Salvation Army and to all who supported our magnificent collection!