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Gymnastic Coaching at Penrith Leisure Centre (Nov 2017)

On Monday the 20th of November Coniston began their P.E. lessons at Penrith Leisure Centre. Instead of regular P.E. lessons in school, they have started a ten week slot of Gymnastics. They walk down to the Leisure Centre, as a class, to take part.


Although they have only been for three  weeks, they are already developing their gymnastics skills. They have learnt a range of moves from forwards rolls and box splits to cartwheels. Coniston cannot wait to continue these sessions after Christmas!


Amy - “ I have enjoyed working with Ina and Shannon because they are very kind to us!”

Ronnie - “The straddle shape and the splits are tricky but we are persevering every week.”

Jayden - “I like doing backwards rolls because they are tricky.”