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Grasmere get Moving! (Autumn 2011)

This term Grasmere group have been finding out about lots of different kinds of transport. We have had lots of fun making elastic band propelled cars and tractors from recycled junk. You wouldn’t believe how much power there is in an elastic band! We have also made battery powered, motor propelled buses, also from recycled junk.
For the last two weeks we have been following the theme of ‘A Winter Wonderland’ to make cards, sweets, pictures, orange pomanders and decorations. The classroom has also been transformed and Santa has even loaned us his sledge and Rudolf until the end of term.
We wish everyone a Happy Christmas and an exciting 2012!
Grasmere group and 2 friends went in the minibus to UCC to watch the Eamont Block production of Cinderella.
It was very funny when Buttons threw some chocolate into the audience. We caught 2 bags of chocolate buttons!