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Governors' Corner (Spring 2022)

Welcome to our Spring contribution of the newsletter.  Two years ago, our update was written just before the start of the pandemic.  Unfortunately, we have not rid ourselves of the virus although life is trying to get back to ‘normal’.


During this time the Governors have been reviewing and supporting the school with its risk assessments and operational plans to ensure a safe environment for all at the school – pupils, staff and where appropriate, visitors.  In addition, Governors have been providing data updates to make sure that the school is able to make short term     changes where deemed appropriate.


During the last two years, all of our meetings have been held on-line covering the full governors meetings and the various committee meetings.  In the last few months, governors have resumed their visits to the school to carry out the monitoring aspects of their duties.  It’s great to get back into the school to be able to talk with pupils to find out what they are learning and how they are feeling.  It is also great to see the effort and commitment of all the pupils in the various activities – singing, sporting to name a couple.


After all the rain in February and early March, it is good to see some better weather and allow the children to spread their wings in the playgrounds and the field without having to wrap up warm.


We have welcomed Katie Allen as a parent Governor and she brings with her a wealth of experience in the area of safeguarding.  We also welcome India Campbell as an associate Governor.  India is a member of the senior leadership team at UCC with a key responsibility for teaching and learning.  This is an invaluable help to us at NLS as well as providing a key link with UCC where many of our pupils transfer to at the end of Year 6.


One of the main aims of the governing body is to hold the Head Teacher and Senior Leaders (Ms Rollings and Mr Soulsby) to account for the education of the pupils.  Two of our sub committees play a vital role in this by both challenging and supporting the Senior Leadership team of the School.  The Teaching and Learning Committee (T&L) look at how teaching standards can be improved to enhance the learning experience whilst the Curriculum and Impact Committee (C&I) review the school’s curriculum to ensure that it is in line with the OFSTED requirements.


Governors were very pleased to support the  opportunities afforded to the Head to attend the prestigious Princes Trust conference relating to Teaching and improving leadership and curriculum. 


Finally, we wish all members of the school a happy Easter and look forward to a productive summer term


Dr Martin Duke, Chair of Governors, March 2022