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Governors' Corner (Dec 2015)

We would like to thank Lynne Reside who has decided to step down as Chair of Governors after many years of dedicated service. Lynne joined the Governors when she had children at the school 16 years ago and she has played a very full part in the North Lakes team ever since.  As the Chair for the past 10 years, she has been a great support to the Headteacher and has shown strong leadership as well as a thorough knowledge of the school. Thank you, Lynne for your support, challenge and for being a real advocate of North Lakes School. We will miss you!


Lynne will be replaced by Jacqui Westgarth and Nicola Bardgett who will be Co-Chairs of Govvernors this year. This term we have seen quite a few changes to our Governing Body, and after Nick King has stepped down to become an Associate Governor, we are very pleased to welcome new Parent Governors Jean Atkinson and Michelle Woof.

Thank you all for your support.