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Governor Corner (Summer 2022)

We come to the end of another year which has had its disruptions for all –                 pupils, parents, carers and all the staff.  Whilst the school now operates ‘as      normal’ (or as normal as possible) the impact of the last two years on pupils and staff is still unfolding as the school operates in a recovery mode for teaching. It is      recognised that pupils cannot suddenly catch up on what has been missed over the last two years with the teaching staff  doing their very best to help all pupils.             Additional recovery funding has been received from government sources and       Governors have provided  support to the school on how this has been spent.  There is still a way to go until we really are operating as normal.


The 50th anniversary was a highlight of this term, and we were pleased to see previous members of staff, pupils and Governors in attendance.


As part of getting back to normal, the governors have resumed face to face meetings at the school.  This gives us an opportunity to have a look into the classrooms to see the various displays of work that the children have carried out.  On the governor front, we will be saying goodbye to David Hallet and Mrs Clark.  David has spent the last 4 years with us, and we would like to thank him for all his expertise and inputs.  As you will know, Mrs Clarke will be leaving us for a year on secondment  as a deputy head and as such has stepped down as the staff  representative.  We are pleased that our associate governor, India Campbell, has agreed to take David’s place on the governing body.


As summer approaches and new challenges face us in September, we would like to thank all the Year 6 pupils for their contribution to the school and wish them every success in their new schools and for their future.


Finally, a big thank you to the staff who have worked tirelessly during the year and to all parents and carers for your support of the school. We wish you a relaxing 6 weeks ahead before the start of school in September 2022.

Dr Martin Duke, Chair of Governors, July 2022