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Golden Days: A Golden Memory (Spring 2011)

As part of this year’s Creative Partnerships Mixing Pot project, children enjoyed the chance to learn with a variety of artists on special Golden Days in February and March. The children were grouped in their whole school teams over two days and explored exciting creative activities with four local artists.
Hannah Fox organised some amazing banner making sessions, teaching us simple but effective techniques for making huge cloth banners. These banners each took a different theme and carefully selected palette of colours, and are now displayed in the school Hall.
With sculptor Caroline Dalton the children used a range of pots, paints, wire, plastic and other materials to explore and create their own fantastic sculptures on a pots and potions theme, including a giant Mixing Pot which they decorated. These are now displayed in the Mixing Pot room and the courtyard outside - when weather permits!
Sarah Wallcook offered the children a chance to listen to, plan and take part in opera singing and performance. This was an exciting, fun, all new experience and we were amazed at the talent and power of Sarah’s singing.
Additionally, our old friend Alex Jakob-Whitworth engaged all the children in a very personal creative task, to design and make a “Mini-Mii”, which is a small framed portrait of what makes us special and unique. This was a really popular activity and many children achieved really striking, effective results which are now displayed around the school.
At the same time, ICT wizard Adam Clarke was busy with a group of children filming and recording ideas from the Golden Day which will be shown in a film that will be shared soon with all of the children.
Thank you to Mr Soulsby and Creative Partnerships for organising these excellent days. We all learned many new skills and enjoyed learning with some new faces and some really talented different artists!