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Girls' Kwik Cricket Tournament (June 2016)

Twenty Year 5 and 6 girls travelled out to Nunwick at Great Salkeld to take part in an all girl competition of Kwik Cricket. The weather kept fine and all enjoyed their play. Every competitor had to bowl an over as well as bat in a pair. Both teams played three or four games throughout the morning with a semi-final and final in the afternoon.


Despite excellent performances from both teams we were unlucky not to win a semi-final place. Nevertheless all girls had fun and really enjoyed themselves as well as showing they have got what it takes to be in a cricket team. Well done to:- Daisy, Bethan, Amy T, Lexi, Jasmine, Patti, Rianna, Beryl, Hannah, Tia, Maddie B, Abbie, Kofi, Lita, Leah, Carly, Freya, Keelie, Aimee-Jo and Sophie A.

Mrs Greenwood