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First Access Music 2015

We have been so busy in school this term that we have not had time to have our annual Woodwind showcase for parents of Year 5&6.  The children have worked so hard over the past year with Mrs Tuffin and they have developed some excellent skills that they should be very proud of!


“I like playing clarinet because Mrs Tuffin is nice and it is fun and exciting.  She gives us skills to learn at home—it would not be the same without her!!” Harvey B Y5


“I love playing the flute, I always wanted to play it since watching ‘Little Einstein’.  It also gives me the courage to play in an orchestra” Ryan C Y5


“I love learning to play the clarinet because the lessons are fun and so is Mrs Tuffin!  It has given me the skills to develop m musical confidence so that when I am older I can be in a band!” - Kofi Y5


Mrs Tuffin is looking forward to September when the new Y5’s will be introduced to their new instruments and we will be awarding some special Woodwind mentors.