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First Access Flute & Clarinet Lesson & Woodwind Mentors (Summer 2014)

It was great to see so many of our family and friends join us for our First Access Instrumental Showcase in June. The children have worked so hard towards this over the past year with Mrs Barkway, and they have developed some excellent skills that they should be very proud of!

I have really enjoyed being able to play a Woodwind instrument. As I play the flute I have no experience in playing the clarinet but my friend tells me it is amazing. Our mentor is Sarah Barkway, and Mr Soulsby helps us as well. I think we all have learned a lot since we first started playing these amazing instruments. Mrs Barkway has helped North Lakes for many years, I am looking forward to next year because I will have another year of Woodwind and there will be more concerts. I hope that next year all the children in Year 5 will enjoy it as much as I did and I will enjoy continuing and challenging myself further!


I think that Flute is a really interesting thing to learn because it allows you to be as creative as you wish. It’s really relaxing, I’ve just never realised how much fun Music can be. To be honest, I wasn’t really looking forward to learning Flute but now I look forward to Thursdays. You’re very lucky if you are able to learn Flute.

Lewis W Y5

I’m really looking forward to next year! I have loved Clarinet with Sarah. I love it that you can learn a instrument with a group of people who you can help. I enjoy learning the songs, especially Mamma Mia! I’m really looking forward to next year so we can all learn more things - people who play the clarinet are lucky!
Bradley S Y5

We would like to congratulate all of our Woodwind Mentors this year who have done a fantastic job, They are Mia D, Harry, Lainey, Macy, Lauren and James E. Good luck to our Y6 mentors who we hope will continue with their talents next year as it is a skill for life! Our special thanks also go to Mrs Barkway who is leaving us this year – she has been inspirational to so many of our pupils and a great friend and supporter of North Lakes. She will be greatly missed. Next year Mrs Tuffin will hopefully be delivering our First Access programme to Years 5 & 6.