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First Access Flute & Clarinet Lesson & Woodwind Mentors (Summer 2013)

It was great to see so many of our family and friends join us for our Woodwind showcase  on Thursday 11th July. The children have worked so hard towards this over the past year and they have developed some excellent skills that they should be very proud of - we hope that many of those instrumentalists leaving us this year will continue to learn their instrument next year at their new school - it is a skill for life!


We would like to congratulate all of our Woodwind Mentors this year who have done a fantastic job, They are; Lainey, Mia, Macy, Amy A, Harry K, James, Ben V and good luck to our Y6 mentors who we hope will continue with their talents next year; Maisie, Jessica, Molly, Maddie, Matthew BN, Tom S, Jay Mc, Alisha, Leah, Laura, Anthea & Lauren G



Laurens’s Experience:
Woodwind has been a great opportunity for all students in Y5&6! We have really enjoyed our sessions over the years, especially as our teachers Sarah & Jemma have been really patient. Some of us play Flute and some play Clarinet! We have definitely learnt a lot over the past few years! Mr Soulsby helps alongside Sarah and Jemma.

Mr Soulsby has organised some great concerts at our school, at UCC, Penrith Leisure Centre and the North Lakes Hotel! We can all play an instrument - even if we can not make a sound, the teachers will be happy to help. Everyone will have a chance to play an instrument and perform at concerts over the next few years. I have enjoyed my woodwind experience and hope everyone else will!
Lauren Y6