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Eden Tree Whisperers Project (March 2014)

Tree Whisperers Woodland Project with Emma Aylett and Dawn Hurton

Years 5 and 6 have been delighted to participate in the Tree Whisperers project at the Archives, a county wide venture.

We have gained a greater knowledge of trees, how vital they are to the eco system and the wider world. We have also learned of their historical significance for example how everything we used was once made of wood - transport, cooking and eating utensils, furniture, homes, fuel, weapons, defences - an endless list.

The Archives uncovered historical references to trees on local maps. We learned that the earliest cartographers drew every single tree on a map. We looked at old, original maps of the 1820s from around Penrith. 

We learned that Cumbria Forests provided wood to the shipbuilders in the South of the Country. Old records referred to payments by shipbuilders for raw materials. Original receipts and ledgers are stored at the archives. We discovered that woodland was a precious commodity and we know that Whinlatter forest provided wood for the First World War, that it was a deciduous forest that was left decimated by events and was replanted as a faster growing conifer forest.

We learned about very old trees that still exist in the United Kingdom such as the Yew tree in Llandgernyw in Wales, over 700 years old.

During the afternoon we drew a local tree with Charcoal.  We had observed a tree being drawn and listened to the artist as she told us how to draw accurately. 

We finished the afternoon by creating a thinking tree, which summarised our feelings or thoughts. An enjoyable tree filled day was had by all. Thanks to all our volunteers who came  long to encourage and help.