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Design and Technology

The North Lakes School Design and Technology curriculum has been redesigned to provide children with a coherent and progressive framework for learning that will build their understanding of the design process while developing their mastery of a range of critical skills.  


Over time the children will develop their technical knowledge in five main areas of; structures, mechanical systems, electrical systems, computer and electrical control, cooking and nutrition. In addition, children are encouraged to reflect on the designs of others such as those of technologists and inventors.


Each unit of learning for the children is composed of three main parts;

  • Stage one is to investigate, disassemble and evaluate:
  • Stage two is a focused practical task:
  • Stage three is to design, make and evaluate: 

This subject is largely taught in the practical area where there is a good range of quality resources for designing and making. They are taught the safe and competent use of technology tools.


Throughout the process there is an emphasis on the children developing key skills in the following areas:

  • Marking out and cutting skills 
  • Fixing and joining skills 
  • Mechanical and control skills 
  • Finishing skills, including food hygiene 
  • Using and applying key vocabulary

Children’s work will be shared and displayed in a variety of ways, in the classroom and online using FrogLearn and our social media platforms.


Our Design and Technology Curriculum features a progression of knowledge and skills.  If children are following the curriculum, demonstrating key skills and showing understanding of the key concepts, they are deemed to be making good or better progress.

Subject Leader:  Mrs L Clark

Updated Mar 2022