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Dance Coaching (Jan 2018)

This term Year 3 & 4 were fortunate enough to take part in dance lessons run by Meg Flynn. Meg came into school to help the children bring their History topic, the Vikings, to life! Over four weeks the children designed creative and exciting movements to represent aspects of Viking times. Everyone had the chance to work individually, in pairs and as a team, which gave them an excellent opportunity to exercise their collaboration muscles. They started by designing their own dragons which were brought to life by the movement of each group. The children worked hard together and came up with imaginative ways to represent their dragons from the wings to the tail.


Once their dragons were perfected, the children went on to think about what they had learnt about life in Viking villages. They came up with a wide variety of moves to represent cooking, sewing, metalwork, forestry and fighting. These were all put together, as a class, to form a part of the final dance. When choreographing the final dance, the children were challenged to create moves on all levels to make their dances effective.


The finished pieces were performed, with enthusiasm, and looked fantastic! The children enjoyed seeing the results of all of their hard work. Well done Year 3 & 4!

By Miss Johnston