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Dan the Hamster - Attendance Prize (Nov 13)

Elterwater welcomed new classmate Dan the Hamster at Autumn Half term. He was a class attendance prize and has been a much loved pet over the last few weeks. He was 8 weeks old on purchase from Pets at Home- Penrith, and we named him Dan after the kind man at the pet shop. 

He has developed quite a personality and actually looks for his classmates first thing in the morning! He knows their voices! He loves attention and is now happy to be handled with care. He does get grumpy if grabbed when asleep - but then who wouldn’t?

Elterwater take their responsibility towards him very seriously. There are a queue of classmates ready to take him home at weekends, and he is well fed and watered every day. His cage is cleaned out twice a week.

Dan is much loved; other classes within the school have borrowed him for writing lessons, when they have written instructions for hamster care. Dan has a holiday home for Christmas and we look forward to further adventures in 2014!