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Creative Arts Visit - Starlight Express & National Media Museum (May 2012)

Starlight Express (Digital Advert)

Bill Kenwright presents one of the best loved, longest running and most unique musicals in theatrical history. Andrew Lloyd Webber's Rock-On-Roller skating sensation STARLIGHT EXPRESS explodes back onto the stage with a new production for 2012, destined to take the UK by electrifying storm.

This term we went to Bradford to see the glorious Starlight Express in 3D. We were all excited when the cast introduced themselves - Rusty, Electra, Greaseball, Ashley, Krupp, Pearl, Purse, Joule, Poppa, Caboose, Buffy and Volta. 

It was about a race between trains, there was a steam train (rusty) who was the main protagonist and there were two main antagonists (Greaseball the diesel train and Elecktra the electric train) and trains from across the world a German train, a Russian train, a Japenese train and a Welsh train...rusty eventually won. 

We were on the 2nd row so we had a very good view. We had been given some 3D glasses. Whenever there was a race, the cast would tell us to put on our ‘Safety Goggles!’ They’re would be a variety of things that looked like they were coming towards us including: bolts, a clock, a rat and much more. We were gripping onto our seats. 

The moral of the story is that that friendship is the most important thing. 
By Erin, Kerrie and Lewis O

It was awesome - one of the best things I have ever watched in my life! The speed skates did back flips and tricks! I was mesmerised throughout the performance. We are working on the Starlight Express theme for our leavers assembly.
By Bradley

On the same day, we went to a fascinating museum in Bradford. There were many sections in the huge building: 

Cinema Magic - based on how they created cartoons and animations

Fun Factory - full of magic and illusions that made you dizzy trying to work it out 

Game Zone - the most popular, full of video games from packman to Mario bro’s to Xbox!

I think that every really enjoyed the photography museum as it was very interesting! It was a really fun day.
by Ellie D

Bradford Creative Arts (May 2012)