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Creative Arts Visit - Starlight Express & National Media Museum (May 2012)

This term we went to Bradford to see the glorious Starlight Express in 3D. We were all excited when the cast introduced themselves - Rusty, Electra, Greaseball, Ashley, Krupp, Pearl, Purse, Joule, Poppa, Caboose, Buffy and Volta.  
It was about a race between trains, there was a steam train (rusty) who was the main protagonist and there were two main antagonists (Greaseball the diesel train and Elecktra the electric train) and trains from across the world a German train, a Russian train, a Japenese train and a Welsh train...rusty eventually won.
We were on the 2nd row so we had a very good view. We had been given some 3D glasses. Whenever there was a race, the cast would tell us to put on our ‘Safety Goggles!’ They’re would be a variety of things that looked like they were coming towards us including: bolts, a clock, a rat and much more. We were gripping onto our seats.
By Erin, Kerrie and Lewis O
It was awesome - one of the best things I have ever watched in my life! The speed skates did back flips and tricks!  I was mesmerised throughout the performance. We are working on the Starlight Express theme for our leavers assembly.
By Bradley
On the same day, we went to a fascinating museum in Bradford. There were many sections in the huge building:
Game Zone - the most popular, full of video games from packman to Mario bro’s to Xbox!
I think that every really enjoyed the photography museum as it was very interesting! It was a really fun day.
by Ellie D
Cinema Magic - based on how they created cartoons and animations
Fun Factory - full of magic and illusions that made you dizzy trying to work it out
The moral of the story is that that friendship is the most important thing.