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Coronation Gardens Opening (Dec 2012)

Artists at North Lakes School saw their designs for their sculpture in Coronation Gardens come to life when year 6 attended the opening ceremony on Wednesday November 28th . The Gardens have been redesigned with local artist Karen McDougall. Four schools in the town designed a sculpture for each corner of the garden, while other schools designed a flag at the entrance.

The sculptures had an historical flavour, so that visitors to Penrith can visit Tourist information, collect some clues and spend an hour or two solving problems in the garden. North Lakes sculpture incorporates the castle and the moat. Embedded in the pavement is an elephants tooth, which now resides in Penrith Museum. It was discovered buried in the moat during excavation work and one likely explanation is that it is a tooth extracted from an elephant visiting Penrith with a travelling circus during the 1800s. The Rotary Club and Penrith museum, together with National Lottery funding, combined their expertise and resources to ensure that this project came to fruition. The Rotary Club ensured that we had a great morning, serving refreshments and arranging a session with a fantastic story teller, Dominic Kelly.