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Coronation Gardens (July 13)

The Gardens are finally almost finished ready for the local people and tourists to enjoy during the summer months. A story of Penrith evolves as you travel around the garden and visitors are made aware of each school's contribution . For example at North Lakes we designed the castle and the elephant's tooth. We felt that the Castle had been, and still is, such an important feature of the town. The elephant's tooth was a unique find when the castle grounds were excavated in the 1920s. It is thought it was from an elephant in a travelling circus, as these visited Penrith frequently during Victorian times.

We were entertained by Dominic, a story teller, who regaled us with myths and legends from this locality and the borders. Thanks to the Rotary club who organised the celebratory afternoon - and for providing the very welcome orange juice and biscuits, much appreciated by us at North Lakes