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CON & BUT Stone Age Day (Oct 2018)

As part of the year 3&4 topic, children from Buttermere, Coniston, Ullswater and Windermere, all took part in a Stone Age day, learning about how cavemen and women lived.


First we had to come up with our tribe name ‘The Black Bears’ and we learned a bit about the history behind the Stone Age. We then had a go at creating our own shelters using string and sticks, seeing who could make the sturdiest structure. Next we produced some lovely cave paintings using ochre and charcoal. Then we worked in pairs to create some friendship bracelets using different coloured wool. We then got the chance to make our very own torcs, which is the type of jewellery that would have been worn. After that we had a go at making some flour by grinding down wheat grains. Finally, we had the chance to carefully hold some real weapons from the Stone Age and put on some safety goggles to create some sparks using a flint!


We had an amazing time and really enjoyed all of the activities to learn more about the Stone Age.