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Chess Tournament (June 2019)

On Thursday, 23rd May, our Chess team (Joe, Connor G, Ewan and Jaydan) set out to Long Marton school to compete in a tournament. Now, the day started off with a workshop to hone our skills and heavens, did it pay off! Come to their games, multiple skills were executed in great fashion and the results reflected the children’s progress well. Everyone tried their best and came out with a brilliant result. As a group, we came third in the tournament (Jaydan scored 2 points, Ewan scored 4 points, Joe scored 3½ and Connor scored 4½ points). We were close behind Long Marton themselves and the overall winners, Hunter Hall. A pretty good score if you ask me! Whether it’s puzzles that need solving, matches that need playing or moves that need making, our squad is on the case! It was a fabulous day out and everyone, including Dr Duke, had a great time. I don’t think I am wrong in saying that everyone would love to go back again!


The team played incredibly well and this goes to show that, if you try your best, you will succeed in the most difficult of tasks. Well done!