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Buttermere - Deekabout with Fitz in Matterdale (Summer 2010)

On Monday 17th May Buttermere class went on a trip with Fitz to Matterdale. Firstly, we got of the bus and we walked up the steep road to the abandoned school and we got given a book and a pencil to write in. We put our lunch and our clarinets in side the school and we set off down the hill. As we were half way Abi stood in poo and got it all over her trainer! In our little books we drew and wrote in them what we saw. We saw a dead crow, It was huge! We covered it up in grass and had a pretend funeral -Ellena was the vicar.
 When we finally finished the walk we came past the haunted school. Some people looked inside - everything kept changing when they looked away. Some people thought there was a spirit trapped inside.   After that we went back to get our yummy lunch. After lunch, we played tag, which was fun! We split into groups I was with Mrs. Nelson. We recorded sound of crackling leaves and wind blowing in the tree. We were on top of a very steep hill. I found a back bone of an animal. We turned over stones and saw lots of creatures and even a mouse hole. Sadly, it was soon time to go home.   I enjoyed my time at Matterdale.
On the bus home, I sat with Chloe and Ellena. I was good at relationships and, when the sounds went wrong, Chloe and I did it again and again until we got it right.
I was like an Elephant and a Penguin.
By Molly
Summer 2010