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Buttermere - Deekabout with Adam in Matterdale (Summer 2010)

This term we worked with Adam Clarke and explored Matterdale. We had to find letters in objects like bricks, stones and gates, and then we took pictures of them with the cameras. When we had taken pictures we found a haunted house, we also found a key which was not the key for the haunted house unfortunately. After that we got back to school and downloaded the pictures onto the laptops and cropped some of them and printed some of them off. We used the five R’s by being resourceful and finding the letters and we were very reflective when we came back to school and used what we had found and made at Matterdale. We used the cameras a lot, we used the macro setting as we took the pictures in close up.
By Jay and Jake 
When Adam came to do Deekabout we were all exited because we hadn’t worked with him before. We went to Matterdale first we found the colours of the rainbow we all found them. Next we had to find all the letters of the alphabet in Matterdale, we nearly found all of the alphabet. After the alphabet we had dinner then we did fairies, we took some pictures of our fairies then we did giants and slow motion. It was the best time of our lives
By Liam and Jack