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Bikeability (June 2017)

Midway through June, year 5 and 6 pupils got out their bikes for sessions of Bikeability.  “It was wonderful to see how many children like cycling” said an instructor.  On the first day we all got taught the basics of road safety, like how to get pedal ready and how to check if everything on your bike is working properly.  Then we had a slow bike race which is a race where you have to ride as slow as you can apart from you can’t put your foot down or turn around.   After that day everyone was bubbling ready for the next when we could go on the roads.  Some groups learned how to get out of a junction while others learned how to overtake cars.  The next day was special because we all went into town (also using the tips that we had learnt).     “It was scary but still great fun to do” commented Adie (Y5). 


The final day was the most nerve-racking of all because we were being tested for our Level 2.  We needed to do everything we had been taught, one mess-up and we might not get the certificate.  The instructors were very harsh but in the end many passed and we went to the leisure centre for an ice-cream or a Slush Puppy   “I loved it” exclaimed a happy Charlie.

By Thomas R, Y6.