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Big Dance Week with Albie (July 2012)

The week of 9th July was Big Dance Week and to mark the occasion the dance legend that is Albie Ollivierre came to Penrith.  Spending two days at Brunswick School and then two more at North Lakes he celebrated his own birthday in style, working up some new Olympic themed routines with the children to a great range of beats.
As always the response of the children was fantastic with everyone getting involved an giving it their best. Albie commented that the children of North Lakes are “very special” in their enthusiasm, their energy and their performance.
Albie then led a dance sharing event at the Leisure Centre on the Friday morning, with dances from Year 2 at Brunswick, KS2 from Culgaith School with their U Dance, and the five classes of North Lakes, each with their own routines.
Albie’s dance residence was a lot of fun and the school was full of positive energy. There was a great balance of structure and creativity with many children creating their own moves and responses. When our three schools came together it was also a really good reflection of the Olympic values of excellence, friendship and respect.

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