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Bibles for Children (Nov 2017)

It was a very exciting day in early November, when the children of North Lakes School received a Bible each, courtesy of ‘Bibles for Children’, a Christian charity that aims for primary-age children to have access to bibles. Ruth Evans, our NISCU representative in school, led the beautiful presentation in assembly, where every child was presented with either ‘The Children’s Bible’ (Years 3, 4 and 5) or ‘The Good News Bible’ (Year 6).


Mrs Evans shared some of her favourite stories from the Bible and demonstrated to the children how they could find some of these stories in their own books. Since then, children in all classes have enjoyed having access to their books during reading time and as a valuable resource in RE lessons and P4C. We are very thankful to our friends at the local churches, King’s Church Eden and Church in the Barn, as they covered the administration and delivery sponsorship that was needed for us to receive the bibles for free. It is our hope that over the next few years we continue to work with these Christian organisations in order to have a follow-on scheme, where every new child receives a Bible on entry to the school.