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Bees at North Lakes Hotel (July 2017)

North Lakes School pupils - school councillors from Years 4 and 6 - were invited by Andrew Mulgrew to help plant a wild meadow patch next to their newly installed bee hives.


North Lakes Hotel are committed to the preservation of the bumble bee species who are declining in vast numbers. Bumble bees are mainly under threat because of changes to the countryside. Changes in farming methods have meant that there are far fewer wildflowers in the landscape and hedgerows than there used to be, meaning that many of our bumble bee species are struggling to survive.


It is well-known that bumble bees are great pollinators, and therefore have a key role in producing much of the food that we eat. North Lakes Hotel hope to produce honey to use in their hotel. It is well known that people have recognised honey as one of nature’s natural sweeteners and that it has essential vitamins, trace enzymes, amino acids, and minerals like calcium, iron, sodium chlorine, magnesium, phosphate, and potassium all good for our bodies, all essential for our good health.


We stood to the side of the hives and Andrew reassured us that the bees would should be inquisitive about us and they were. One or two bees buzzed around our heads and generally checked us out. They were protecting the Queen inside the hive. Remember a bee doesn’t want to sting as it means that they die. We stood still, as Andrew advised, and they soon lost interest.

Andrew had attended a course and had met Dr Margaret Riches a friend of our School who is a keen bee keeper herself. He was very interesting and answered many of our questions. North Lakes School was thrilled to be asked to participate in this project and are delighted that North Lakes Hotel are doing their bit for the environment!


Thanks for the invitation Andrew and wishing you every success with your new venture!

By Miss Rollings