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Beamish (Oct 2013)

Earlier this term we visited Beamish Open Air Museum as part of our Victorians topic. While we were there we took part in a Victorian school lesson, the teacher was very strict! We did handwriting, maths and art lessons. We learned about how left handed children were punished! They were made to stand near the blackboard, touching a red spot with their noses, whilst being asked questions. After the questions, they had red chalk all over their noses and the class laughed at them! 

The lessons we took part in were very different to the ones we have now. In handwriting, we used real ink wells and ink pens and we had to be very careful not to smudge our work! As well as attending the lesson, we went down the mine. We imagined we were real Victorian children going down to work; it was very dark and cold. 

We toured the pit village, travelled on the trams and buses and visited the town, but what most people enjoyed the most was visiting the sweet shop. We watched the boiled sweets being made and had a chance to taste and buy them. James thought the best part of the day was smelling the delicious sweets as they were being made. We had such a busy day!