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BAS Spring Update (April 2022)

This Spring Term has flown by in Bassenthwaite with everyone working hard to make as much progress as possible. There have been a further 7 golden certificates and many more golden tickets showing Bassenthwaite students are powerful leaners, kind, friendly students who  always give their best!


Our class read has kept us entertained. “ Who Let The Gods Out ?” “ E – E -Elliott!” is the chant you will often hear in our classroom.  This fun novel by Maz Evans has really made us giggle at times as well as explore some deep emotions.  We love Virgo and the team of immortal gods. Mrs Porshley-Plum definitely suits her nick name of Mrs Horses-Bum but it is Elliot who steals our hearts with his emotional roller coaster ride dealing with a loving mum with dementia. We will be reading right up to the last day of term with fingers crossed that Elliott and his Mum can keep Home Farm.


We have been busy in Science lessons, looking at the famous Charles Darwin and his theory of the survival of the fittest. We have been planning investigations and creating the BAS moth, a camouflaged insect who adapts to survive in the classroom environment. Well done to our following scientists, Daniel, Elsie, Mario and Lilly, your species survived Predator Pincombe!


We have been writers too this term, working on biographies, instructions and creating our own myths and as mathematicians, we have continued on a mastery  journey to deepen our mathematical thinking and really explore concepts to challenge our thinking. We enjoy singing French songs as we try to expand  our French vocabulary. We have enjoyed learning about school subjects and creating our own timetable all in French!


The Spellbinding project along with World Book Day has kept us engaged with reading for pleasure. Have a look at the Spellbinding site on our FROG platform and read our  reviews, it will soon be voting day!


We continue to work with Mrs Ward every Thursday who always entertains us with her tales from the Farm. Just this week she helped deliver a bull calf who she named Ukraine. Mr Hart keeps us fit and active: we have been involved in Hockey and Tag Rugby sessions this term. Some of the Y6 students will go on and compete in the forthcoming Tag Rugby festival just after Easter.  It was so nice to meet many parents in the recent AM meets. I am sure you are very proud of your children, I certainly am and look forward to working on some exciting projects together in the Summer Term.