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BAS Fencing (Jun 2022)

We have been very lucky to work with ‘Action Ants’ this term. Not only did they support us with our Sports Day, they also came along to help us learn a new sport: fencing. Most of the children had never tried fencing before so they were excited yet apprehensive. This did not stop everybody taking a risk and giving it all of their effort.


First of all, we got our outfits ready. We had to wear a protective vest and a large mask and then we got our sword, which is called a foil. We learnt lots of new stances which help you both defend and attack. We had to use a lot of new vocabulary such as ‘en guard’ as we worked hard to keep our protective jackets safe from our opponents. We learnt techniques to protect our jackets from our opponent’s foil and learnt how to lunge and score ourselves.

BAS Frencing (Jun 2022)3.MOV

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