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Art Club (Spring 2013)

Art Club has been fun this year! We have really got our hands dirty!!

First of all we made Paper Mache pots, to fill them with sweets, although some of us had different ideas... jewellery boxes, special treasure boxes, and some of us gave them to our Mums or Dads. Some of us are fantastic designers... we decorated our pots in a variety of ways, we were very creative! We had to be resilient, paper mache needs patience! We also reflected on our work as we went along and made necessary readjustments. Our pots were unique and fabulous when finished.

For the last couple of weeks we focussed on the theme of daffodils... we created and painted. This involved us observational drawing and working on light and dark tones. We also tried to create depth and a 3D image. We thought about complimentary tones.... the complimentary colour to yellow is purple, so we do have some light purple backgrounds, although we found blue very appropriate. Our paintings are up in the art area... please come and have a look!