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Art Club (Jun 22)

We supported the 50th Celebrations with a trip back to 1972. We looked at fashions, popular music, transport, T.V and hobbies.  Each ‘artist’ selected an item/person that they wanted to find out more about. The first sessions were sketches and these were then completed with felt tip and water. Following this we painted our pictures.


They are displayed for all to see. We have a ‘Chopper Bike’, a Hovercraft, a Triumph Toledo car, and 1970s fashions including ‘Hot Pants.’  There were paintings of famous performers such as Abba, Lulu, and David Bowie.  Some of our pupils focused on 1972 Comic strips and the first game consoles. The last 2 sessions were run by volunteer staff, and were more craft based.


Our art pupils showed resourcefulness and resilience. They improved initial sketches and had an opportunity to work with different media. Well done to them all.