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Annie the Musical (Jan 2012)

Annie Trailer

Show trailer with quotes for Leeds' Billion Dollar Christmas Show

We went to see Annie! at the Playhouse in Leeds, and it was amazing! We went as a reward for all the hard work the choir had done over the previous few weeks! The actors and actresses and actors were really good, and convincing! The double chocolate ice-cream was absolutely gorgeous! There were several different flavours, including honey comb and vanilla! There were programmes that you could buy as well, they looked really interesting!

The coach trip was exciting and funny, However, we got stuck in traffic because there was a dead fox in the middle of the road, so we had to turn around but we got to the theatre just in time, although we needed to run. It was really worth the trip, it was one of the best plays we have ever watched! Our favourite character was Annie, although the Orphanage Manager. Miss Hanagan, was also really funny! Our favourite songs were Hard Knock Life and Tomorrow ! Its true, you’re only a day away……

By Tia McV & Amelia T