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All Hands to the Pump! (Nov 13)

We always look to link the children’s writing to real life situations and this makes their learning more meaningful. And at times the children’s voice can make a real difference, as it did in the campaign to save Penrith’s cinema. In the past few weeks, while learning about persuasive writing, children in Years 5 and 6 have been writing letters to Cumbria County Councillors to ask them to think again about the proposal to “mothball” one of Penrith’s two fire engines. 

The children have learned of the importance of Penrith retaining two pump engines to serve such a wide area, and how this could save lives as well as property. We were visited by retained fire fighter Dawn Coates and photographed by the Herald (above). We hope that the children’s voices will be heard as one part of the fierce local campaign to save the pump engine, while they have learned more about the value of persuasive writing.

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