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A Christingle Celebration (Dec 2015)

This Christmas we celebrated in style with a Christingle service at St Andrew’s Church. The children worked hard on their traditional nativity performance with a Christingle twist. We mixed traditional carols with some modern tunes and lifted the roof at St Andrews.


Our Christingle workshops in school meant that everyone enjoyed making their own Christingle which added to the atmosphere in the church when all of the candles were lit and the children’s faces shone in the candle light.  The Christingle is an ancient tradition but was only introduced into this country in the 1960’s by The Children’s Society.


Our children and families have been collecting ‘pennies’ inside plastic candles, and all the monies collected will be donated to The Children’s Society. This is such a very worthwhile charity which seeks to support vulnerable children in our country.  We have also collected for East Cumbria Family Support and the Cumbria Community Foundation Flood appeal.


Well done to all of our speakers who learnt their parts perfectly and all of our choir who sang out so clearly in church. Everyone’s hard work paid off on the day of the service.


Thank you so much to everyone who helped out at school in the run up to the service. From Mrs Grainger with the costumes to all of the parents and helpers who made Christingles with each class. Happy Christmas everyone!